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About Us

Facts About Win-Wood Kennel
Win-Wood Kennel is owned by Steven Carvalho (Owner/Trainer)

Win-Wood Kennel has been in existence for over 30 years. It originated in Fall River, Ma. and was later relocated to Tiverton, RI., in 1990

Win-Wood started out breeding beagles. In 1971, after returning from serving two years in the military, Win-Wood purchased it’s first Labrador Retriever.

Prior to entering the Army in 1969, I had raised beagles for hunting purposes and to carry on a family tradition. My father died in 1956 leaving me two beagles and I have never been without one since, although Win-Wood, now does very limited breeding with beagles.

Win-Wood Kennel has won over 300 trophies and 1,000 ribbons in dog competitions and has owned and/or bred numerous Champions.

I have been an AKC Licensed Judge since 1971.

Here at Win-Wood Kennel we breed a combination of show and field Labrador retrievers, which make excellent family members, pets, or hunting companions. We raise an extremely calm Labrador and breed for temperament, intelligence, and trainability.
Kennel History:
Win-Wood Kennel is owned by Steven Carvalho, and has been in existence for over 30 years. It was originally located in Fall River, Ma., in 1990 it was relocated to South, Tiverton, RI., just minutes from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. I have owned, bred, and trained dogs all my life, (over 40 years), and I have won over 300 trophies and 1000 ribbons in dog competitions. I have been an AKC. Approved Licensed Judges since 1971, and have judged numerous dog competitions, through-out the United States.

Breeding Dogs with Commitment & Pride for Over 30 Years

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