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Win-Wood Canine College

~ Specializing In Labrador Retriever ~
But ALL Breeds  Are Welcome

 Unique Training Method

 Individual Daily Private Training Of Your Dog While You Are At Work Or Away

 Drop Off Your Dog In The Morning
Pickup Your Dog In The Evening

Monday Thru Friday
Open 7:00 am
Until 6:00 pm

 Obedience Training

Social Behavior Training

Canine Good Citizen Training

Field Training

Saturday features: Owner and Dog 
Training & Graduation  &
Win-Wood Canine College Training Certification


Obedience it the best thing you can do for your dog and yourself.   Obedience training will not solve all behavior problems, but it is a solid foundation for solving just about any canine problem.  Training your dog opens the door of communication between you and your dog.  Once you have effective communication you can instruct your dog on what you want her/him to do from sit and stay, to don’t jump on guest.

Dogs are social animals. With the proper training they become well mannered members of the family unit.  Without proper training they can become like pack animals.  They could soil your house, destroy your belongings, bark excessively, drag you when on the leash, jump on people, fight with other dogs, or even bite you.  Nearly all dog behavior problems are perfectly normal canine activities that occur at the wrong time or place.  The key to preventing or treating behavior problems is to redirect their natural pack behavior .  When properly trained, a dog has established a social hierarch and her/his obeying of a simple command is showing compliance and respect for you.  Most dogs love performing and obeying commands when they know it pleases you. 

Some dogs feel they are constantly bombarded with “NO”,  “STOP THAT”, “BAD DOG”. They tend to get used to it, so these reprimands become meaningless and are ignored.  If most of our interaction with dogs is praise for good behavior, then reprimands will take on more meaning.  When ever there is a need to reprimand your dogs, show them what you want them to do and reward or praise them for getting it right. 


Basic Training Programs

1 Week Course……...Training Recognition Certificate

2 Week Course…….  Junior  Award Diploma


Remember: A Well Trained Dog Is An Absolute Delight.  A Dog Not Trained Is A Constant Fight


Training Dogs with Commitment & Pride for Over 30 Years

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